We’re constantly on the search for the holy grail of caffeinated beverages. Our Nespresso machine lights up our mornings. When we get new pods and seasonal flavors, our coffee station becomes our playground. Froth some oat milk, sprinkle some cinnamon and voilà- a perfect cup each time. But as we all know, sometimes you find yourself in the mood to experiment with new brands and trends. We tried bulletproof coffee on a whim and have become obsessed with the taste and energy it gives us.
Bulletproof coffee is frothy coffee elixir made with butter or ghee and coconut oil or MCT oil. Typically, it is drunk on an empty stomach as a breakfast substitute. We were skeptical to replace smoothie bowls and frittatas with a high-fat drink. Wouldn’t we be hungry and gain weight? The short answer is no. Healthy fats can help control blood sugar levels, keeping you fuller for longer. Consistent use can help your body burn fat, instead of carbohydrates and sugar, for energy.
Our favorite recipe that tastes great and gives us mountains of energy at 6 AM is shared below!
  1 Vanilla Custard Pie Nespresso pod (8 to 16 oz coffee of choice)
  1 tablespoon of Ghee
  1 tablespoon of MCT oil
We chose to use ghee and MCT oil (an oil extracted from coconuts that is virtually tasteless and odorless). Studies show that MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil increases metabolic rate, curbs appetite, supports hormones, promotes mental clarity and supercharges exercise performance and endurance.
  Blend all ingredients for 45 seconds. Pour into your favorite coffee mug and enjoy!
We also keep our fridges stocked with Super Coffee that contains 200 mg of caffeine and MCT oil, as a quick grab and go option. They are made with sugar free, lactose free, soy free and gluten free organic ingredients. Our favorite part is that we can sneak in an extra 10 grams of protein into our diets just by drinking our morning coffee!
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Dear teens and twenty something-year-olds,
Growing up is exciting! We remember counting down the minutes before midnight that would ring in a new era of adulthood. At twenty we would find ourselves and have freedom. We would travel and get our dream jobs. We fantasized and dreamed about the best years of our lives and now we’re finally here.. 
Have you made your self proud? Taken the proper risks to find your calling? 
We’re still navigating the twists and turns of our twenties. New York City has taught us to put on brave faces and not show fear when weathering the unknown- whether it be approaching a merciless bouncer, a 3 AM glossy-eyed subway dweller, or the hands of time.  
With clear direction (and maybe an organized list), your twenties can be filled with prosperity, soul-searching, and deeply invaluable memories.

Karlena’s 30 before 30 List to Live by
  1. Make a habit out of going outside and taking time away from the internet
  2. Minimize your passivity
  3. Take a cross country road trip
  4. Identify your fears and then overcome them. (Even if that means talking to a friend or professional about them)
  5. Pick something to be passionate about
  6. See a theatre performance
  7. Get a job that makes you happy to wake up in the morning
  8. Treat yourself a really expensive meal
  9. Forgive yourself for your mistakes
  10. Let go of your past relationships. Get rid of the energy that may be holding you back from moving on
  11. Learn what your parents were like in their twenties
  12. Build a closer relationship with a sibling or a family member
  13. Take a professional class, i.e cooking, painting, pottery
  14. Make an effort to walk 10,000 steps a day
  15. Fill a real-life, hardcover photo album 
  16. Start journaling. Track important dates, places, dreams, and thoughts
  17. Date widely and wisely to discover more about yourself and your dating habits
  18. Revisit the places where you grew up
  19. Do something charitable
  20. Travel alone
  21. Invest in clothing items that properly represent your personality
  22. Practice self-love and gratitude
  23. Schedule those doctor/dentist/dermatologist appointments and don’t skip them
  24. Become financially independent and create a savings account for emergencies
  25. Write a letter to future you 
  26. Start a challenging hobby
  27. Take care of your skin. Moisturize and get into the habit of using sunblock
  28. Create a morning routine instead of scrolling through social media when you wake up
  29. Learn how to cook your favorite meal
  30. Break a bad habit
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