Meditation practices have expanded beyond yoga studios. It’s hard to ignore the rise of downloadable apps and strange encounters where your boss asks your team to do five-minute guided sequences during meetings. The ancient practice has marked its presence in our modern world.
Simply put, meditation is a technique meant to increase mindfulness, concentration, focus and awareness. Consistent mediation practices leave you clear headed and increase your emotional IQ. By closing your eyes and shutting off the outside world, you focus your attention internally.
Shutting off your surroundings allows you to focus on your breath and notice what is going on inside your body. Whether you are a novice or an expert, most report that the precious minutes taken to themselves leave them calmer and less anxious. Experts claim that meditation can even increase sleep quality and pain tolerance.

We have adapted meditation into our everyday rituals.

Karen’s Meditation Routine
When: Before bed, when the body is relaxed. Keeping the location of your practice consistent allows you to fall into a calm mental state quicker.
Benefits Experienced: I wake up in the morning refreshed and with a clear head. I can easily push back my cup of matcha a few hours because I don’t feel like I need the caffeine boost. My intuition is enhanced and my mind is less scattered. I don’t forget things throughout the day, complete projects quickly and am less bothered by little nuisances.
Favorite Meditations: I am loyal to the Simple Habit Iphone app.
Soothing Sleep by Glenn Harrold
Chakra Cleansing Meditation by Alison Serour
Enjoy the Phases of the Moon by Liz Richards
Alena’s Meditation Routine
When: After a workout. When my body is wiped out after a good hit session or after a hot yoga class. I find it easy to concentrate and give into stillness when my body is tired and ready to rest.
Benefits: I don’t wake up in the middle of the night as frequently when I meditate. My dreams are clear and I experience less nightmares. I notice an immediate elevation in mood. The residual effects linger, making it easy to be more positive and grateful for little and big things in life.
Favorite Meditations: Spotify offers great options for guided meditations that I added to the end of my workout playlist!
Mindfulness and Acceptance by Deepak Chopra 
Letting Go Meditation (Alpha) by Donna D’Cruz
Guided Meditation: Deep Relaxation by The Honest Guys
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1. Go to the movies virtually
Get your snacks ready because Amazon is offering currently playing in theatre releases on Prime Video
2. Stay hydrated
Up your water intake to keep your head clear and improve circulation. Squeeze some lemon, or throw in some oranges for an extra boost of vitamin C
3. DIY Facemasks
“Take an egg, crack it into a bowl, add a little bit of honey, mix it together and put it on your face till it’s dry, and wash it off”
– Hailey Bieber
4. Download the app Tik-Tok and learn a trending dance
You don’t have to be a professional dancer to learn these moves. Break a little sweat and feel accomplished when you nail down the steps
5. Get dressed for the day
Yes, you. Brushing your hair and changing into bright colors can be a serious mood booster
6. Make a fun cocktail or pour yourself a glass of wine
If you enjoy indulging in one or two glasses, treat yourself to a happy hour, or pour a glass while cooking dinner
7. Do a Chopped Challenge
Transform the most random ingredients in your fridge into an appetizing course. Discover your own creativity or rank your significant other’s creations!
8. Binge watch a movie series
Go old school with Harry Potter, romantic with 50 Shades of Gray, or family-friendly with Shrek
9. Doodle
Remember that time you were bored in math class? You didn’t plan what to draw, but with little thought you could fill up a whole page. Grab a pencil, paintbrush, or colored markers and get to work
10. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure
Dear nail salons, we miss you. We may not be as skilled as our beloved specialists, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to pamper ourselves!
11. Make a vision board
Cut out old magazines or print out images and make a collage that represents your dreams. This is a great activity to remind ourselves that the future holds happiness
12. Have a social date with co-workers
Relive lunches and post-work happy hours with: Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet, Netflix Hangouts or House Party app
13. Update your resume or Linked-In profile
How long has it been since you looked at that thing? Use your free time to give it a refresher
14. Tend to your plants or grow something new
With soil, an old pot or container, and seeds, you can grow something beautiful. If you’re afraid that you don’t have a green thumb, try a smart garden
15. Pass time with a book or E-Book
This is a great way to get lost in another world or learn something new about your own world
Check out our reading list!
16. Move your body, everybody
So many great trainers and influencers are offering free work out videos that you can do with no equipment. Our favorites include Madfit youtube videos, Meganroup live Instagram dance sessions, and Rachaelgoodeats HIT Instagram uploads
17. Support your favorite small businesses
We love:
Birthday candles, custom scented to your astrological sign.
Ethically made T-Shirts
Super coffees, spiked with MCT oil
18. Embrace a morning routine
Create a routine that you can look forward to. 8 am seems a little brighter when it’s followed by a cup of Nespresso with coconut milk foam and a few cat cow stretches
19. Tune into a podcast
Mix things up with a podcast when you’re tired of your playlist or would like to take your mind off of a tedious cleaning task. Here are some of our favorites
20. Call your loved ones
Whether they’re in the city, suburbs, or halfway across the world, their lives have been disrupted. A simple call to a loved one can get your mind off of your own situation. Tell them you miss them, see what you can do to help, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it
21. Make a gratitude list
See if you can reach 30! Focus on positive thoughts. These can be as random or as focused as you like
22. Watch a docuseries
Please tell us you’ve seen The Tiger King
23. Sharpen your cooking skills 
Find a recipe you love, throw on an apron, and flip a page in a cookbook
K&A’s Netflix cooking show favorites: Salt Fat Acid Heat, Ugly Delicious, Breakfast Lunch & Dinner, and Top Chef
24. Meditate
Find a comfortable, quiet place and turn on your favorite guided meditation. Here are some of our go-tos (Link to our post with guided mediations)
25. Play a board game
Our favorite is scrabble. There’s a mobile app version too
26. Learn a new language
We signed up for Rosetta stone. Vis ta vie
27. Take an online course
Class central is offering free online courses including Buddhism and Modern Psychology
28. Change your phone wallpaper
Remind yourself to be happy every time you glance at your phone.
29. Give your pets attention
Our furry friends are so grateful that we’re home! Teach your pet a new trick and get some fresh air, if you can avoid contact with others safely
30. Clean your closet or pantry
Long overdue!
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