Is the hype real?

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I’ve been down the women’s multivitamin road maaa-ny times. To be honest, most of those times I’ve quit after week two. It’s hard to be consistent with a product that doesn’t show you immediate results and it’s hard to incorporate them into our busy routines. 
Those failed attempts didn’t stop me from impulsively purchasing these cleverly branded vitamins. For $30 you get thirty cute pills that support your hair, skin, nails, and overall health. The ingredients are as transparent as the product. You can trace every nutrient on the website to the original product source. I don’t know why I liked knowing that my folate intake of the day came from Pisticci, Italy, but it charmed me nonetheless. 
I wanted to be as consistent with these as I am with my caffeine intake. So, I put the bottle right next to my beloved Nespresso machine. It was actually a genius idea because after a week they were easily integrated into my morning routine. 
Unlike most multi-vitamins, these vitamins are encapsulated with a mint tab meant to eliminate the commonly fishy taste associated with Omega-3 supplements. The pills smelled nice but left me with the very similar aftertaste that they advertised against.
Determined to finish the 30 day supply and avoid fishy burps during my workouts, I switched up the timing of my intake. Instead of taking them in the morning, I took them right before bed. 
Placing your vitamins next to something you use every day can be really helpful. (Whether it be your coffee machine or next to your moisturizer)
Mint does a very poor job at masking vegan microalgae.
According to a study conducted by Ritual, it takes women 3 months to see a 43% increase in Vitamin C levels and a 41% increase in Omega-3 levels.
Multivitamins don’t work overnight. They don’t display shocking results in 30 days, either. Results come from patience and consistency. While I didn’t notice a difference in my hair, nails, or skin, it felt good to know that good things were happening behind the scenes.
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